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On February 6, 1996, the General Congregation constitutes the Japan-Philippines General Delegation and nominates as the first Delegate, Fr. Imanol Lasquibar. As Assistants are Fr. Jesus Lacarra and Fr. German Lumbreras. Since the Delegate lives in Cebu City, provisionally that place becomes the official see of the Delegation...


Fr. Imanol takes part, as a General Delegate, in the Chapter celebrated in Rome in July 1997. Fr. Joseph Maria Balcells is re-elected General Superior and nominates Fr. Jose P. Burgues as a new General Superior of Japan-Philippines, from the Province or Aragon, Spain. Before coming to his post, the new Delegate goes for two months of immersion in England, in the same Parish of Burnham where years before had been Fr. Rafael. Fr. Jose arrives to Japan at the end of October and after two weeks of visiting the Brothers and works; he arrives in Cebu City on November 6.


On December 28-30, as it has been said before, is held in Tokyo the first General Delegation Chapter. Fr. Jose is confirmed in his post as a Delegate for four years. The Assistants are: Fr. German Lumbreras and Fr. Rafael Buitrago. 

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