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Ordinary Work
St. Joseph Calasanz
Lay Fraternity
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Fr. Imanol stops the Cebuano Language classes at the end of the year in order to concentrate in looking for a lot. Fr. Jesus still continues some months more. Fr. Rafael finishes his stay in Davao in the Holy Week of 1996.


This same month, Fr. Rafael, together with Jose and Robert, collaborate in a summer camp organized by the Piarist Sisters of Lawa-an, for the squatter children next to the house they have in Capitol. He concentrates in the vocational promotion, taking part in the Diocesan team, to which he dedicates much attention. From 1998, he starts working in the Cultural Center organization that falls under his responsibility. 


After a short time of arriving to the Guadalupe house, the Piarist Fathers offer their help to Mgr. Kintanar, Parish Priest of Guadalupe Church. They are been asked to celebrate a Mass every Sunday, a thing that they do as long as they can for years. At the end of July, some people start coming regularly to a Mass that is celebrated in a provisional room.


In August 1997, the Community, with the help of the postulants, organizes the first Calasanz celebration, open to all the children of the neighborhood. During the October vacations, all, except Fr. Jesus, go to spend together some days in a small island. These community vacations of some days will be repeated during the year 1998. We prefer to spend the vacation months in some formative and living together activities, with some weeks for visiting the families. 


For the year 1998, there appear clear the sharing of tasks: Fr. Jesus will primarily be in charge of promoting vocations and economy of the house, besides some activities outside. Fr. Imanol becomes Master of Postulants and Rector of the Community. During a semester he gives Latin classes in San Jose Recoletos University. Fr. Rafael is the secretary that takes up different official tasks while he continues with the vocation promotion and prepares the organization of the Cultural Center. Fr. Jose, Delegate, since May, is in charge of the formation of the Novices, in which other Fathers collaborate, too, and takes care of the works.


At the end of March of 1998, comes for the first time, on a visit, Fr. General, to know the place and the persons that live in it. He encourages us to start thinking about a foundation in Manila and he understands that it is necessary help for the new foundation. He promises help 

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