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St. Joseph Calasanz Japan Philippines Bulletin Messages


We go back on October 3, 1950; the first Piarist Fathers arrived to Japan. At the time, the wind of the Spirit was blowing in that direction inside the Church. It is the time of Japan as it has been said. It was supposed that after the Second World War (WWII), the Japanese people were disoriented and ready to accept the doctrine of the Gospel.


The pioneering Piarists in Japan were two; namely, Rev. Fr. Feleciano Perez and Rev. Fr. Pedro Luis Perea. The Province of Vasconia sent them following the footsteps of St. Francis Xavier. There were about twenty Religious from the Spanish Province of Vasconia followed them later on.


At the beginning, they lived in the City of Yokosuka, which is 50 Km south of Tokyo. They obtained their first house in Tobe (Yokohama) with a Parish Church (Diocese of Yokohama) in 1952. And in 1954, they obtained the Kaisei High School situated in Yokkaichi City. In 1969, they were able to buy a house in Tokyo (Meguro City), and in 1972, they received the charge of the Parish Church in Yokkaichi City (Diocese of Kyoto).

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