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The Life Of St. Joseph Calasanz
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Calasanzian Family

He was greatly influenced by the example of his father who as "mayor" of Peralta de la Sal was preoccupied in caring for the people of the towm. During his university years, Calasanz was a student leader. In his rural parish, he became a social worker on behalf of the poor. And in Rome, along with the members of the different Confraternities to which he belonged, he visited many poor and needy families.

Also in his letters can be seen his preoccupation with the political situation in Spain, the Papal States, and Central Europe. According to some historians, his Spanish origin caused more than one problem for him in Rome.

In his Constitutions, he directly prohibits his Religious from belonging to any political party and urges them to become men of unity rather than men of flags,

"In our Order, we should not be allowed the tendency to form political parties such as can be found in governments, cities and the general public. It could become a source of grave evils. Among us should reign a universal love that would embrace all parties that fight among themselves, and let us pray for their union."

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