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A builder of hope
The Life Of St. Joseph Calasanz
Saints, Martys, & Venerables
Calasanzian Family

He was a peacemaker. Therefore he always asked for peace and encouragrd prayer. He gathered information and frequently informed the students and the Fathers about the current status of various European conflicts,

"When you receive good news about the Catholic in Germany, inform me, and in the meantime I will not cease praying for their victory...We know that the Pope does his beast to remedy the problems in Lombardy, although we doubt that he will succeed because everybody there seems so agitated. It will be difficult. Don't stop praying everyday. Make the students recite the Litanies of the Virgin Mary at school and at home, and write special prayers for that purpose"

He organized the practice of Continuous Prayer with students partly to promote peace. In fact, one of the petitions found in the Crown of the Twelve Stars reads, "...for peace and concord among Christan Princes."

His admonitions against lawsuits are numerous,

"What you can do through a pact, don't do by a lawsuit."

"It is better to lose than to litigate with your neighbor."

"I can't bear it that our houses, because of lawsuits, need procurators and lawyers."

"I prefer to solve problems by any other means, even by losing, rather than bring a lawsuit against anybody."

"Some years ago I refused an inheritance of some 80,000 gold coins so as not to be forever involved in lawsuits."

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