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A man of hope
The Life Of St. Joseph Calasanz
Saints, Martys, & Venerables
Calasanzian Family

Calasanz had a great hope in the educational fruits that would be brought forth from the children and youth. He dedicated himself completely to it, burning the bridges that would have taken him to high posotions in the Spanish Church.

He lived and died hoping against all hope. Referring to the Ponticial Decree of Dissolution of the Order, he wrote,

"Finally, the document that shows clearly the ruin of our Order has come out. But I hope that the more men vilify it, that much more God will exalt it. I cannot understand how our Order can be destroyed, being so much loved in Europe. While I have breath, I have hope of seeing it restored. Although the adversries are great and powerful, nevertheless we should hope the Divine Goodness will not permit our Order to be completely destroyed, as it has benn approved by three Popes and applauded and requested thoughout all of Europe and even by the heretics. God knows what they will say when they read the printed text. Here, in Rome, everybody feels compassion for us, but nobody wants to be the first to commenr on it to the Pope."

It was not a metaphor when he said, "an Order so much requested throughout all of Europe." In 1633 Calasanz had affirmed,

"If now I would have ten thousand Religious, I would be able to distribute all of them in a month to those places whwre thay have been requested with great insestence. Therefore, our Order is not like many others. They try to enter the cities by different means. Ours is requested and desired by many Cardinals, bishops, prelates, great lords and important cities, and I can prove it with many letters."

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