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The Job of the New Law
The Life Of St. Joseph Calasanz
Saints, Martys, & Venerables
Calasanzian Family

His patient hope and his hoping patience gained for him the title of the Job of the New Law. Pope Pius XII referred to it when in 1948 he named him "Universal Patron of All Christian Public Schools".

The poet Ramon Castelltort, Sch.P., expressed the attitude of Calasanz in this way:

"May God forget the stumbles I had in my long life...I hope the children will be the ones who will push me into heaven. If I was not completely for God, maybe it was because children stole my sffection and I had to divide myself into two...But I tried, too, to look for God among the children! I die happily...You, continue constantly in the service...I leave you ruins. Build upon them a new building, Without any discouragement...Through the ruins of these days, I see the Pious Schools four hundred years later. For those generations of a world far away indeed, Paternal blessings bloom in my hands."

 His secretary, Fr. Berro, wrote that in the afternoom of the 17th day of March 1646, after the emissary of Pope Innocent X finished reading the decree of dissolution, Calasanz repeated several times the words of Job, "The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. As the Lord wants, it has been done. Blessed be the name of the Lord."

And Fr. Berro wrote further that twice Calasanz referred to the fountain that gave him the supernatural fortitude with which he bore, as did the other Job, the collapse of his life's work, without knowing with clarity the date of such an authentic mystical experience.

"I know of a man who, with only one word the Lord had spoken to him in his heart, was able to bear, with so much patience and joy, ten countinuous years of toil and great persecutions."

Saint Joseph Calasanz, a fruitful wheat grain, died 2 years later as a person who had failed, but he also died with hope, as had many other founders. Like Christ, he would not have it any other way. His hope was soon fulfilled. His funeral resulted in the first fruits of his glorification with 8 reported cases of miracles, ans a great multitude of the faithful and authorities passed by his catafalque. His second glorification was the restoration of his Order, and the third was his beastification and canonization.

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