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Chapter 3
The Life Of St. Joseph Calasanz
Saints, Martys, & Venerables
Calasanzian Family

His works often define a man, ans these are generally a consequence of his intuitions. And history - the great teacher of life - evaluates them.

There are two well-known quotations that characterized Calasanz. One is,

"If have found, in Rome, the definitive way to serve God in the children and youth, and I will never leave it for anything in the world."

The other one is,

"The ministry of education is really the most worthy, the most noble, the most meritorious, the most beneficial, the most useful, the most necessary, the most reasinable, the most worthy of thanks, the most pleasing, and the most glorious."

With these ten qualifying adjectives, Calasanz caused Cardinal M.A. Tonti to cahnge his mind and heart from that of an enemy into that of a close friend, and he became an active promoter of the Pious Schools. We can find this ability to win others over to his way in th petition Calasanz wrote to suspend the prohibition against the creation new Religios Orders.

Three hundred and forty-five years later, the Second Vatican Council insisted on this thought of Calasanz.

"The Council attentively considers the decisive imporatance of education in human life and its influence, more and more, in the actual social progress...It is beautiful, and, therefore, of great interest, the vocation of those who carry out the ministry of education."

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