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Change is possible
The Life Of St. Joseph Calasanz
Saints, Martys, & Venerables
Calasanzian Family

The genuine intuition of calasanz wat that, through the public school, which must be compulsory and tuition free, a dramatic and positive change in society could be obtained. Moreover, the barrier between the poor and the rich would be broken, resulting in a fruitful social mobility.

In his time, the poor did not go to school. Therefore, they could neither aspire to a good job nor live a life of dignity. They could not to the university, nor could they get a high-level, influential job so that they could give to others the good things they had within themselves.

"In almost all States, the majority of their sudjects are poor, and only for a short time can they send their children to school. Therefore, the Superior should try to dedicate a good teacher for these students. He will teach them calligraphy (handwriting) and mathematics. In this way, they will be able to earn their livelihood more easily."

A poor children was born already branded. With the integral education Calasanz offered to them, the popular classes and indeed all the society were the beneficiaries. Many great geniuses can always be found among the economically weak classes, who would be of great benefit to everyone. He insisted on this idea over and over.

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