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Educator and Pastor
The Life Of St. Joseph Calasanz
Saints, Martys, & Venerables
Calasanzian Family

Following this first intuition, he developed another. It is that through education the ecclesiastical and religious dimensions of the Church's pastoral work will become more fruitful,

"At dawn one can foretell the weather for the rest of the day, and from a good beginning comes a happy ending. Likewise, the rest of one's life depends upon the education begun at tender ages. Its good odor is never lost, as in the case of an amphora that once contained aged wine. Who cannot see the other ministries will experience as much fruit and less difficulty if the preparation of well-educated subjects has been done?"

In fact, parish priests, confessors, preachers and those who attend to the sich, can obtain more fruit with Christians well educated in Piety and Letters from infancy. His idea has been corroborated by hundreds of male and female institutes, which like that of Calasanz, are dedicated to education. Nadf it is also ratified by the actions of governments, city halls, political groups, and of course, by numerous Vatican documents and the many documents of the Episcopal Conferences dedicated to this theme. Anyone who affirms this fact today is not a genius. But the one who affirmed it 400 hundred years ago; he was a genius with great foresight. He put it into practice for 50 years, 6of which were years full of many difficulties and snares. And by his life he verified the statement, "I will never leave it for anything in the world."

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