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On teachers formation
The Life Of St. Joseph Calasanz
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B) Concerning the teachers' formation

His first attempt to form the teachers happened as a logical necessity in preparing the Piarists before letting them into the classrooms. In January 1622, Rome approved these words of his Constitutions:

"The goal of our Orde, as reflected in the practice of the Pious Schools, is the education of children in piety and learning. With this formation, they will gain eternal life. In practice, to attain thisa goal, we consider it indispensable to offer not only a life in the Spirit but also a familiarity with doctrine and a way to learn it.

Therefore, when we see great progress being made in the authentic virtues by those who are admitted to religious profession, we should also teach them the fundamentals of science and its methodological way of teaching."

The practice of this teaching formation is regulated in points 204-211. There were those who formed themselves in ordinary houses and those who were formed in special formation houses. All of them put theory into ractice as can be ssen in this letter of Calasanz,

"I am disappointed because the students do not have as much time for studying as I would like. If they could avoid accompanying other students to their houses, as is my practice here, they would have a little more time. In Rome, those who attend school have at least four hours of studying."

And the following is a warning for those who are in charge of the Piarist's formation,

"The Superior should take care that the students should not be lazy after recess. And they should neither be weak in the assiduity of prayer nor in humility. They should harmonize atudying with a deep piety. Both dimensions should help each other."

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