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On educational symtem
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D) In the educational system

Calasanz was the firast educator to advocate the preventive method: it is better to anticipate mischievous behavior than to punish it. This approach would later be further developed by Saint John Bosco who confessed he first daw it in the practice in the Nazareno School of Rome, founded by Saint Joseph Calasanz. It was to that same school, that Saint John Baptist de la Salle sent Bro. Brolier in 1708 in order to study the Piarist Method.

In terms of discipline, and contrary to the prevailing philosophy of the time, Calasanz favored the mildest punishment possible. While believing thar punishment was necessary in ceratin cases, he always preached moderation, love and kindness as the basis of any discipline.

The letters of Calasanz are full of recommendations concerning the Sacrament of Penance and Holy Eucharist and about prayer as both a preventive and illuminating force,

"Try to insure that all the sudents gp for Confession and Holy Communion frequently. The force of the sacraments is great, together with the pious explanations of their teacher.

Our Fathers should take good care of the students and help them become pious. They should not only teach them in school about lettrers and Christian doctrine, but they should make frequent visits to oratories, and in them, receive the holy sacraments. If the students see this zeal in our religious, they will like our Institute better.

Make  the older students go to confession frequently, since the sacraments seem to illumine the intellect a great deal. They should receive them with devotion because they inflame the will for hating sin and for loving virtous works. Insist strongly upon this because it is the main point of our apostolate."

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