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Socio-Political field
The Life Of St. Joseph Calasanz
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G) In the social and political field

The work of Calasanz prepared the emancipation of the masses in the political and social fields, and emencipation is united with instruction and education. Calasanz stated in a memorial written in 1626,

"The Pious Schools were founded to teach and instruct poor children. Many, because of poverty or parental negligence, do not go to school. They do not delicate themselves to any art or job, but, rather, they live like vagabonds or in idleness. In this wat, they easily give in to a variety of games, especially to cards, and it happens that when they do not have money to play, they steal in their own houses, first, and later on where they can. Or they find money by other bad means...We must help these poor children. In this way, they will be spared from the gallows and the galleys, where generally those go who during childhood live with these vices."

It is evident that education can be used as an instrument to suppress ideas, states, and political parties. Calasanz, thanks to the help of the Order, had complete liberty in svientific and pedagogical investigation. Teavchers and students had a unique liberty worthy of such a name: to know lovingly the law of God and to work according to their conscience.

This was the true pedagogical conquest, especially during a time when the Protestants assigned, absolutely and without reservation, their schools to the civil authorities and to the wishes of the state.

The foundation of the Pious Schools contributed also to the practicl consodilation and to the historical corroboration of the rights of the Church in the field of monopoly of education is not right, and the Church, like any other group, can open her own centers.

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