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What kind of work do they do?
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As did Calasanz, today's Piarists entirely dedicate their lives in works related to children and youth. They perform ministries of evangelization and integral formation, in accordance with their motto "Piety and Learning." They are of service to the construction of a more just society and of fraternity.

As it is stated in the Constitutions, they strive to be "servants of fraternal unity among men and women and the hope of the future kingdom."

While they make no distinction among races or social classes, they do have a preferential care for the poor and those in need.

All Piarists are educators by vocation and most are priests. There are brothers, deacons and bishops who are Piarists and there are also Piarists lay associations.

They have four maintype of works: schools, parishes, missions, and youth activities. They also have other "special works," such as: centers for the deaf and mute, institutes for the formation of teachers, puclications, and homes for destitue youth.

The Piarists (known in Spanish as Escolapios) are mainly seen working with and among children. It does not mean that they only teach in schools or religious education classrooms. They also work for the education of adults through alternative schools, night schools, and schools for parents, parishes, religious movements, prayer groups, etc. They are involved in scientific research, investigations, pedagogical alternatives, pastoral planning, and both home and forewign missions, especailly in the forgotten places. But, in whatever ministry they are engaged, they always work together as a team: youth, teachers, and priests, lay people and the poor.

Their educational and pastoral work is formed in the heart and lies at the crossroad of the Church and society. As Calasan wrote in 1621,

"Our ministry cannot be replaced and maybe it will serve as a model for the reformation of the Church and society."

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