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St. Joseph Calasanz
Chapter 1
- A difficulty in understanding the work of a Genius
     * Apanish and international context
     * On the threshold of modernity
     * Infancy and youth
     * Four universities
Chapter 2
- The many facets of his vocation
     * In the Spanidh Diocese of Urgel
     * A different priestly style in Rome
     * His physical appearance
     * Beyond any hope
     * His nature
     * A convert
     * A mystic
     * Calasanz reveals his secret
     * Joseph of the Mother of God
     * A man of politics but not a politician
     * A preoccupation with social revolution
     * A builder of peace
     * The inner battle
     * A promoter of happiness
     * Open to all races and creeds
     * A friend of pioneers
     * A defender of continuous formation
     * A missionary spirit
     * A man of hope
     * The Job of the New Law
Chapter 3
- The Intuitions of Calasanz
     * Change is possible
     * Education and pastoral care
     * A priest for the future
     * A despised ministry
     * Compulsory and tuition free education
     * With strong patience and love
     * Learning by teaching
Chapter 4
- Pedagogical contributions of Calasanz
     a) In the field of pedagogical literature
     b) Concerning the teachers' formation
     c) Concerning the school's organization
     d) In the educational system
     e) In the field of didactics
     f) In the Apostolic-Theological field
     g) In the social and political field
Chapter 5
- The work of Calasanz: The Pious Schools
     * Where are the Piarists today?
     * What kind of work do they do?
     * A life project in the style of Jesus and Calasanz
     * What kind of persons are the Piarists?
Chapter 6
- Calasanz, A sharing inheritance
     * Nine religious groups claim Calasanz as their spiritual father and leader
     * Patron of students and teachers
     * Piarists Lay Educators
     * In the Philippines
Based on the work written by: Fr. Manuel Rodriguez Espejo, Sch.P.; 
Translated by: Fr. Jesus Lacarra, Sch.P. - Cebu City, Philippines 2002