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The Life Of St. Joseph Calasanz
Saints, Martys, & Venerables
Calasanzian Family

One of his devotions was his daily visit to the Blessed Sacrament. Those saints, who were characterized by their fervent propagation of the faith, inspired him special devotion. Such were Saint Gregory the great who did great things although poor in health; Saint Theresa of Avila, treasure of strength and profound writer; Saint Thomas Aquinas, called the Angel of the School; Saint Charles Borromeo, tireless reformer of the clergy, and Saint Philip Neri, zealous spiritual director of youth.


He always trusted in the special power of prayer, especially when made by the smaller boys. For them, he instituted the Continuous Prayer in the schools. He offered them the examples of the children who suffered martyrdom for the Lord or had been examples of chastity, like Saint Thomas Aquinas. He celebrated the liturgical days of such Saints with general communion.


But his most special devotion was for the Blessed Mother. He prayed the Rosary daily and recommended the same of his sons.He put her name on the emblem of the Order. He composed a simple and sublime prayer which is a summary of the Catholic Faith, called THE CROWN OF THE TWELVE STARS. He assured that he had never prayed to the Blessed Mother with the Crown, without receiving what he had asked for.


I want our students to say this prayer every day so that Mary will protect them during their lifetime and at the hour of their death.


He wanted every task completed with the invocations called

Sub Tuum Praesidium:

We fly to your patronage, o holy Mother of God. Despite not our petitions in all our necessities, but from all kind of dangers always deliver us, o ever Blessed Virgin.

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